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Pendl Electric on The Burn with Jeff Ross


Check us out on Comedy Central! The Burn, with Jeff Ross; featuring,
Gilbert Gottfried, John Stamos, Marc Maron , Russell Peters, and Eddy Larson. It

will be airing Tuesday August 21st at 10:30 EST/9:30 Central! Don’t be “shocked” that we’ve made it to cable television … well… let us rephrase that, our shirt has made it to cable television! The Burn’s Cousin Ed, will be proudly wearing a Pendl Electric shirt!


Pendl Electric, LLC thanks our loyal customers for their support… hope this lightens up your night!


Below is the direct link to comedy central’s “The Burn”
episodes, tomorrow night is episode two!       

 Dear Valued Customers,


We would like to inform you of a few changes Pendl Electric, LLC has been in the process of making over the past few months.


Since we first opened our doors almost 4 years ago, we have never had a rate increase. We have tried very hard to keep the rates as low as possible. Unfortunately with materials costs, gas increases, insurance costs, etc, all continually on the rise, we no longer see a way around it. Rest assured, we are only trying to cover those differences as we adjust our prices accordingly. The rate increase will be minimal and you will be able to view the increases on our menu-pricing list effective immediately.


It can be viewed at:    


Our regular service charge will now be $89.00 and our emergency service charge will remain the same.


In the very near future for your convenience we will be accepting credit cards for service work. This includes deposits and paying invoices. We will continue to accept checks for those of you who prefer that method of payment and new construction / large remodel projects will remain check or cash only. (see below for new mailing address)


As a few of you may have already noticed, our mailing address and fax number have changed. Please revise your payment processing information. Any outstanding contracts & payments need to be sent to:


Pendl Electric, LLC

PO Box 30342

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420


New toll free fax number

(866) 855-7209


Our administrative assistant, Danna Beech is now in charge of all appointment scheduling. As always, you can call the main number at (561) 577-4507 or call Danna’s direct number at (954) 224-7740 to schedule an appointment.

If you have any questions about any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us.




Shorter Name, Same Great Dependable Service!


DePENDLble Electric, llc is now:


                   PENDL ELECTRIC, LLC

“Your Dependable Electrician


I would like to make you aware of the company name change and to thank you for allowing Pendl Electric, llc to continue to offer you the same great service it has in the past. 



Our updated website is:


Our updated email address is:



All of our company information including our licenses and certifications will remain the same.  If you would like a copy of our updated licenses, a certificate of insurance, or workman’s compensation reflecting the company name change please forward your company information to the above email address.    



 FPE Panels are aFIRE HAZARD.

 If you have a FPE (Federal Pacific Electric) Breaker Panel in your home please CLICK HERE and investigate the over-looked danger your home and family is facing.


We recommend that residential FPE Stab-Lok electrical panels be replaced entirely or the entire panel bus assembly be replaced entirely, regardless of model number or year of manufacture. We recommend against replacing individual FPE Stab-lok circuit breakers.


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