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Per Item






All written and verbal estimates for new and existing customers are always at no cost.


Service Call

* Minimum Service Charge *


 If additional time is required and we are requested to repair the issue without a written estimate the following will apply.


Per Hour after 1st hour Service Charge.


Additional Men onsite during Service  

$155.00 + Material

Dispatch of 

Service Vehicle


















All Troubleshooting and repair issues with-in Palm Beach County. This is to dispatch a service vehicle and includes the 1st hour-If more than 1 hour is required to repair/replace the electrical issue it will be at our standard hourly rate. If requested a full estimate will be given before any additional charges are incurred (except on Time and Material projects)










Per hour, per man plus materials. (more than 2 men)





Service Call


+ Material

per Man

Emergency Service Calls include dispatching a service vehicle between the hours of 6:00pm and 7:00am. Includes the 1st hour. Then $195.00 an hour additional per man.

Standard Fixture Assembly and



Install a Standard fixture using the existing wiring and outlet with a ceiling height of not more than 10 feet.

Ceiling Fan Assembly & Installation


Assemble and Installation of a standard ceiling fan interior/exterior with a ceiling height not more than 10 feet and using existing wiring and outlet.

120v Receptacle Outlet

(Standard Plug)





Install a duplex/décor receptacle outlet at a new location using an existing branch circuit.

Lighting Dimmer



Includes one single pole slide dimmer installed.

(White, Almond, or Ivory)

Recessed Lighting


(High Hat Light)





Includes the installation of one 6” or 4" can, LED trim with a 


Under-the-Counter Lighting Fixture


Includes one switched under-the-counter standard Xeon 12”-18” fixture and wiring. Each additional fixture added to the same switch and cabinet is an additional $55.00.

LED Rope Accent Lighting


Includes one switched receptacle to plug rope lighting into and one super bright LED 6’-12’ lighting rope.

120v Switch

For an outlet

(Additional switch)





Add a switch for your recessed lighting, switched receptacle, or new fixture. (with-in 25’ of device location)

3-way Switch System

(2 switches that control one device at different locations)


Add an additional switch to control a device.  Control a light on the other end of a hallway or turn your bedroom light off next to your bed. Simply put add an additional means of control.

Lighting fixture Outlet

(Wall or ceiling)





Install an outlet for a new fixture withan existing switch or add a new switch; Ceiling height not more than 10ft.

(Crawl space required)

GFCI protected exterior receptacle outlet

(Outside Plug)


Install a receptacle at the exterior of your home or business. Includes outlet, Ground Fault Receptacle (GFI), and wet location (bubble) cover. Most commonly used for landscape lighting transformer and holiday lighting.

GFCI Receptacle


Garage locations)


Replace an existing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacle using existing wiring and outlet.


Interconnected Smoke Detector







Includes one smoke detector interconnected to existing smoke detectors not exceeding a ceiling height of 12ft.

Fluorescent Ballast



Replace any T-8 or T12 ballasts up to 4 lamps.


Motion Sensor/Security Light




Install a motion sensor any where on the exterior of your home. Does not include override to off switch or heights more than 12ft. Does include standard 2 head fixture and 2 Par38 90W bulbs. (NO WARRANTY) 

In-wall Digital Timer


Install a digital timer at any 120v existing lighting switch.

(Includes supply and installation of a digital timer - also, includes 2 year warranty parts and materials) If you have trouble setting or resetting the timer we will come out at no extra charge with a schdeuled appointment.  


Hot Water Heater Timer


Install a timer for your 30A 240v Hot Water Heater. Conserve energy and save money.

Whole House

Surge Protector


Install a Surge Suppression Device at any existing Panel to protect the line voltage 120/240v of any dwelling unit

Note: If you do not have any open spaces (room for additional breakers) in your panel you may require tandem breakers to create space and there will be an additional charge of 45.00 per tandem breaker. 


Low Voltage

Landscape Lighting


Includes one 50W low voltage up-light, PVC perma-post, and installation. (cable and transformer not included)

30A Generator Manual Transfer Switch


Includes 30A manual transfer switch and installation. Able to be used with up to a 7200W Generator.

Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement or Upgrade




100A Panel including 2 AFCI Bedroom Circuits.

150A Panel including 2 AFCI Bedroom Circuits.

200A Panel including 2 AFCI Bedroom Circuits.

Meter Can -

Main Service Replacement or Upgrade



Overhead to Underground Service Conversions




100A Meter Can-Main Service

150A Meter Can-Main Service

200A Meter Can-Main Service

Upgrade/Replacement includes new meter can, riser, and cable for overhead service drop. Feeder’s to circuit breaker panel not to exceed 10ft. If underground service conversion this price does not include digging the trench or FPL fees.


 Wall Mounting of T.V.’s


Price Per



of 30” or Less T.V.


Un-boxing, assembly and installation of T.V. and wall bracket

of 31” to 45” T.V.


Un-boxing, assembly and installation of T.V. and wall bracket

of 46” to 55” T.V.


Un-boxing, assembly and installation of T.V. and wall bracket

of 56” to 70” T.V.


Un-boxing, assembly and installation of T.V. and wall bracket

In addition to the above cost there is
  a set cost to:

Install 120v recessed receptacle


Outlet feeding from an existing circuit on the same wall as the new T.V. location.

and install RG6 Co-Ax cable


Outlet feeding from an existing cable outlet on the same wall as the new T.V. location.
(standard cable wire)

2 LV outlets


Install 2 low voltage outlets for Data and trims to pull customer provided LV cable (up to 5) from wall mounted T.V. location to cable box, equipment location with-in 6ft. For installation of HDMI, Co-Ax, and Data cables, etc.

TOTAL COST OF INSTALL – Includes all of the above and factors in T.V. size

  or Less T.V.


Total Cost of install

  to 45” T.V.


Total Cost of install

  to 55” T.V.


Total Cost of install

  to 70” T.V.


Total Cost of install

For a description of T.V. Installation CLICK HERE


Estimated Permit Fees

$100.00 or 2% of Project Cost

Actual Permit fees vary from city to city and county to county but a good basic guideline is two percent of the project cost if greater than one hundred dollars.

Permit Processing Fee


This is a set fee for preparation of the permit


and handling.

(Any permited job has a permit processing fee - no exceptions)



If the total cost of the project (Labor and Materials)  is less than $129.00 it will be adjusted to meet the minimum Regular Service Charge of $129.00 per visit.


Residential = Single family home, Villa, Townhouse, or Condominiums not exceeding 3 stories.


Commercial = Business located anywhere other then listed above including Residential Condominiums more than 3 stories.


Note: Any customer supplied materials void our warranty. Pendl Electric will not install customer supplied LED lamps of any kind or customer supplied dimmers or timers of any kind.