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What’s involved in converting my service drop?


In the case of overhead service, your service drop is the line that comes from the power line or pole behind or in front of your house to your meter. Customers who wish to have the line to their home buried may pay a flat fee of $704.99 to FPL, but will also need to convert the meter can and riser to accept underground service. This requires a licensed electrician and in most cases an electrical permit. Since this work may trigger building codes that require older home wiring to be brought up to today’s standards, it’s important to check with the proper authorities before getting started. Homeowners also need to arrange for a trench to be dug from the pole to the meter location to hold FPL-provided PVC for the underground cable.


Please see our up-front menu pricing for an estimated cost for Pendl Electric to provide the necessary permitting, riser diagram for permit approval, building the service, and handling all scheduling with FPL and inspections.

Prices do not include digging the trench.